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“After first week of treatment, I sensed changes in the ways my neck and shoulders [felt]. Two weeks, the range of motion was more flexible and head pain definitely diminishing. After one month of his treatment, I am better. Dr. Wu convinced that caring for your [spine] and treatment via spines can lead to healings and healthy mind and body. Thank you, Dr. Wu.”


“I was experiencing neck pain and misalignment, so I called Dr. Wu. He kindly adjusted my spine, my sacrum, and applied acupuncture. After a few sessions within a week’s time, my neck pain resolved, my yoga practice opened up, and my peace of mind was restored. I’m thankful to know Dr. Wu and highly recommend him. He has become an integral part of my yoga first aid kit.”


“Amazing knowledge and customer service!!”


“Dr. Eric Wu is an excellent chiropractor and acupuncturist. He is extremely patient and takes extra measures to [ensure] he is attending to all his patient’s needs. Dr. Wu created a specific prescription for me and took time to listen to any concerns I had. He is always ready for my never-ending questions about how or why a procedure works. I was on the fence about acupuncture since I have a fear of needles, but after discussing in greater detail every step I decided to try it out and have never regretted that decision. Dr. Wu made sure I never saw a needle and was very understanding about my fears. I will never have a problem referring him to anyone I know. He knows what he is doing and is all about helping people any way he can.”


“Dr. Wu was very thorough and personable. This was my first time to have an acupuncture treatment & I am planning to schedule another chiropractic & acupuncture session with him.”


“One Saturday morning I woke up with excruciating pain in my left upper back. Quite certain that a pinched nerve was the problem, I resigned myself to staying immobile and sedated until I could visit a doctor on Monday morning. However, my husband decided to get me help by calling chiropractors. When Dr. Wu answered his phone on a Saturday and said to come right by his office, we were very grateful. After taking x-rays, Dr. Wu determined which treatments were needed to provide immediate relief. In the following weeks Dr. Wu continued schedule appointments to adjust my neck and back and to give me acupuncture treatments. I am very thankful for Dr. Wu’s care and concern for my well-being and highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic services.”


“Like Dr. Wu’s personality and was very helpful.”


If you are looking for a way to help your pain and stress, call Wu Chiropractic & Acupuncture. We focus on getting you healthy from the inside, out.

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